The PCB design Donation Campaign has started!

This long awaited campaign finally begins!

Few days ago we announced that Slimbook will provide the enclosure we need for our Open Hardware PowerPC notebook. In addition to that, we have published in our repository the pdf containing the new version of the schematics. Further updates will arrive during the following days ( the Orcad source files will be available during October) 

eletrical schematic of powerpc notebook

As you might note, the new PCB donation campaign is starting already at 11% of the goal thanks to the recurring donors that have donated 10 or 20 euros per month. That’s the real power, thanks to these modest recurring donations it has been possible to reach this 11% of the PCB donation campaign goal, could you imagine what would happen with one hundred of recurring donors giving 10 euro per month?

Again, we want to thank very much all our donors, those that have continuously donated for a year, those that have donated frequently and of course, those who have donated once, all of you have made possible to arrive here.

Other than that, more than one hundred of you have already declared the intention to donate to this PCB campaign, the only thing we can say is that finally now is the right moment for that.

Finally, many of you expressed us your commitment  to share the donation campaign to involve other people to join the project. So, now that the PCB campaign is open you can spread it.

Let’s see with amazement the power of the Butterfly Effect

Two streamlines in a Lorenz system Thierry Dugnolle CC BY-SA 4.0

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