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We are making Donation Campaigns to pay the design of our Open Hardware PowerPC Notebook motherboard designed around GNU/Linux.

We will build a solidarity based purchasing group. Together we are looking for a fair price for everyone (a point of convergence between the amount needed to develop the notebook and the price the customers will pay).

The choice of a small manufacturer is both an ethical one and a forced one. It follows the paradigms of a human-centric economy in which a capital accumulation is not the reference value where there is passion, collaboration, and where the manufacturer has a modest benefit (enough for its financial stability).

In such economy customers can define the characteristics of the final product having a direct contact with the manufacturer. Customers then become an important part of the manufacturer economy taking care of its development.

This challenge was taken by ACube Systems an hardware manufacturer who is an actor of this project. The manufacturer takes part of this project not only for some profit but because they have interest in such challenge.

The motherboard is designed and will be built in Italy by ACube Systems, whereas the rest of the notebook will be purchased in batch from Slimboook that provide us the entire body of the laptop. This is actually the entire case, the cooling system, the screen, the keyboard, the backlight, the webcam, the speakers and the battery.

Slimbook Eclipse Notebook

We need to accelerate the process of PCB motherboard design and its related donation campaign as the availability of the Slimbook Eclipse is not forever,  since we design the mobo for that notebook chassis.

This community we are shaping up around this project is not only based on donors for the design and will not be just a purchasing group. We are helping designing this notebook and we are supporting PowerPC Debian GNU/Linux packages optimization.

We are trying to spread the word about this project so that we can be enough people to push the project forward.

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