Does it have a free software boot firmware so as to be able to meet the FSF’s “Respects Your Freedom” criteria:

  • Yes, it will use U-Boot bootloader firmware,  that has “GPL v2.0 or later” license  ( SPDX-License-Identifier:GPL-2.0+ )

What are the technical specs of this new PowerPC notebook?

  • CPU: NXP T208X e6500 64-bit Power Architecture® Core Technology that includes Altivec technology with 16 GFLOPS per core.
  • video card: MXM 3( upgradeable)
  • USB2 and USB3
  • SATA
  • RAM: one or two DDR3L slots  (upgradeable)
  • HD/SSD 2.5”, upgradeable
  • Standard notebook case, 15,6″

Do you have a custom case in mind, or you plan to reuse an existing PC laptop case?

  • We plan to use a mainstream 15,6″ notebook chassis.

Will the hardware design be open, or is the hardware encumbered by NDAs and this is merely intended for open-source PPC OS?

  • The design is Open Source Hardware, but due to some NDA chip restrictions, some parts could be under NDA
  • The OSHWA also refers to this particular problem when explaining the process of awarding a certificate to hardware for achieving the status of being Open Source Hardware:

    “However, that does not necessarily mean that the entire project must or will be open source. If the creators used third party closed components outside of their control, they are unable – and are therefore not required – to open source those components. While it is strongly prefered to use open components when possible, OSHWA recognizes the reality that this is not always po

Can I port operating systems other than GNU/Linux?

  • Yes

 How can I take part of the project?

  • translation: website localization and social sharing
  • media production: video,animation, image, text, slogan
  • spread idea: publish news in your blog/forum/social, manage our website SEO, manage our official social accounts
  • software work-group: PowerPC GNU/Linux applications optimization (test GNU/linux application packages, give feedback , or fix issues). Distro porting (U-boot, etc). Push sources to mainstream branches. Other OS porting. Convert Wii/WiiU, PS3 and Xbox360 emulators to virtualize thanks to the PowerPC CPU.
  • hardware work-group: wish list and suggestions
  • crowd-funding: how to, study other experiences
  • group buying: how to, study other experiences

Have you attempted a crowd source campaign?

  • Yes, we have planned to start a crowdfunding campaign before the end of 2016 to design the motherboard and build the prototypes
  • After we have the prototypes , we will launch a group buying campaign

What is the roadmap?

  • Build a multi-disciplinary project team [done]
  • Actions to spread the idea
  • Start crowdfunding campain specifically for mobo design and prototypes (before the end of 2016)
  • make a buying group (in 2017)
  • Beta tester program for software optimization

Why is it now possible to build a PowerPC notebook from the ground up?

  • Thanks to free software we already have (firmware, bootloader, OS, and many applications) already running on PowerPC with different video cards and devices.
  • Thanks to some “small” motherboard designers and producers, we can order a small production run of a PowerPC product that fits in a standard 15,6″ notebook case.
  • We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, using a pre-existing notebook 15,6″ case and by redesigning the motherboard.
  • Thanks to the explosion in 2014 of different notebooks  projects ( novena , pi-top, ARM64 Open Laptop Concept , Librem 15 and others)
  • Thanks to the diffusion of notebooks based on ARM architecture and the Linux kernel.
  • Thanks to the diffusion of non x86 devices

Will current PowerPC GNU/Linux distributions run on this PowerPC notebook?

  • Yes, the Linux kernel already supports for the PowerPC CPU chosen for this notebook. Some work is needed for the integration, in particular related to the U-boot customization and the bootloader details.

What about a little endian GNU/Linux? Will it run on this PowerPC notebook?

  • No, although it does support LE, modern distros require some functionality that are not available to this CPU.

Will it be possible to upgrade the PowerPC CPU?

  • No, the T208x NXP CPU are BGA based so the only option is to be soldered. Note that motherboards for future PowerPC CPUs will be easier and cheaper to design.

13 thoughts on “Faq

  1. Has it veen calculated the amount of money to realize this nootebook? And if there is a known amount of money does it exists a crowdfunding site on which to donate fo it?

    • Yes talking with the producer we have estimated how much will cost this PowerPC notebook, and we will find together a fair price for us as group of buyers and for the producer. As already explained now if you join the team you could study how to start, in the right moment, a crowd-funding campaign.

  2. Just a suggestion about this page: you might want to remove the “port emulators” part. All of the above consoles (execpt for the Wii with Dolphin) don’t have emulators to start with and they are still technicly supported I believe. Also, this would open the doors to piracy and other illegal things that it’s not a good idea to be associated with.

  3. Aren’t MXM GPU’s hard to find and very expensive? At least they are for consumers. Do you have a plan for that?

  4. have you given thought to supporting something like a retina display – or nonapple equivalent?
    those displays would be the ultimate for a ppc laptop.

    • It depends on AmigaOS developers. As it will have an NXP T series processor it will be possible to run that OS but additional drivers would be required, in example for power management

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