How to Make a GNU/Linux PowerPc Notebook.

This challenge was taken by a hardware manufacturer who is an actor of this project. The manufacturer takes part of this project obviously not for some profit but because they have interest in such challenge.

The motherboard will be designed and built in Italy by this manufacturer whereas the rest of the notebook will be purchased in batch from an ODM (standard 15″ notebook created for the x86, hopefully without the x86 motherboard).

The producer have found one supplier that could provide us one 15,6 inch notebook model without mobo ; its needed to have other options especially to have the guarantee to be provided by the same notebook model for many months,  since we design the mobo for that notebook chassis.

Creating a brand new notebook chassis from scratch in small numbers is not financially possible. The manufacturer is designing a PowerPC motherboard targetting an existing mainstream chassis.

Insights on the forms of participation.

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