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Orcad Source Schematics Published

At the end of August of 2019 we published the first version of the schematics in pdf format. Then, in October we uploaded the second version and after that the 13th of November we released the Orcad source, accomplishing what we promised.

Schematics Source in EDIF published and ready to be converted to KiCad

Now we have exported it even to EDIF format, to make easier for new volunteers to convert it to Kicad Format. To convert from EDIF to Kicad we have found edif2kicad tools  https://github.com/svn2github/edif2kicad but we are sure you will find other tools or even you will be able to create a new one

OpenStack Debian 10 PPC64 Big Endian created

We have created the Big Endian  PPC64 Debian 10 image for OpenStack and we have set a Power9 VM in the OpenStack gently provided by OSU Open Source Lab with the agreement of OpenPower Foundation. Open Source Lab has made this image public so other OSU OpenStack hosted projects could use it. 


So, now we can compile  Big Endian PPC64 debian packages in our Big Endian PPC64 Debian 10.

Big Endian PPC64 Optimization Software Packages available in our gitlab repository


You can find different repositories, one for each application. In general they are mirrors of the original repository plus two branches that start with ppc_ prefix. Where possible we have ppc_master that have only few modifications ( README, etc) and ppc_debpack that adds the debian folder to build .deb package. All the other patches proposed will be on other branches

So anyone wanting to test and patch a software package should create its local branch doing a merge from ppc_master + ppc_debpack + base+master that should be the upstream of the project.

Our script to Install Debian 10 PPC64 on your Mac G5

Under Debian Scripts on our repo there is the script that permit us to successfully install debian 10.00 PPC64 on our G5 machines. You can find all the detailed steps in our post

During installation with Debian PPC64 netinstall on Imac G5
Completed the installation and restart in rescue mode you can see in the command line our grubfix.sh script
During installation of needed packages thanks to our grubfix.sh script

Are you the Donor that will start the Butterfly Effect?

In our presentation at sfscon.it on November 15th we talked about the Butterfly Effect of donating, spreading our project or collaborating in one of the hundred ways you would like to do it.  Any single action could have an incredible positive consequence. Now imagine many of these actions together.

As in real life, sometimes a small new choice made with hope generates an incredible change in your life. Maybe you have met an important person, or you plan with passion to start practising a sport or become a  family or move to another job. Any of these things would have an important consequence that would change your life. This could happen in an amplificated way when you choose with the same hope in resonance with other people which are desiring the same thing.

Sometimes these dreams require you to be active, you only need to adapt yourself to what happens around you. You become the creator of meaning and the creator of a new reality you love, so if you really desire to create something you should try to do it.

But is even better if you try with faith, feeding the possibility that you could create a new way or a new choice. Yes, there are many uncertainties, but many goals could be reached despite looking impossible before. The next goal could seem to be very far, but that could depend indeed on you action.

Beat your butterfly’s wings!

The creators of the reality of our project are hundreds of supporters, people that donate its time and money and express their creativity, passion and intelligence, giving life to this project. Our project exists thanks to anyone of you.

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