PowerPC Notebook welcome back!

It’s time to More Choices!

The last powerpc notebook was produced from Apple at the end of 2005 with a powerpc Freescale cpu  MPC447A

freescale roadmap year 2004

Freescale roadmap year 2004 thanks to Appleinsider.com

In the august 2004 Freescale was planning a new powerful powerpc 64bit/32bit processor for new Apple powerpc notebooks, and in fact Freescale have continued in its plans, although not exactly as predicted in 2004 ; anyway from 2005 to nowadays Freescale have produced many 64bit/32 bit powerpc multi-core, multi tread processors.

Freescale now produce many type of multi-core, multi-tread ( some with an enhanced AltiVec technology) PowerPC 64bit processors, below the actual models that have 28nm building process and they have in the roadmap 18nm new PowerPC processors before 2016 .There was false rumors about a possible discontinued PowerPC in favor of ARM architecture; Freescale engineers and the linked documents confirm the Freescale invest strongly in PowerPC processors.

PowerPC cpus Freescale 2014

PowerPC Freescale cpus  in 2014

Apple switch to x86 architecture was for commercial reason, was to penetrate into the PC sector that was dominated from Intel and Windows, even if they motivate the move for energy efficiency reasons. It’s very funny and untrue reason that the switch was for energy efficiency, because RISC architectures ( like powerpc, arm and mips) are less energy hungry than CISC processors like x86.

The game are changed, now gnu/linux is everywhere and even non x86 architectures are everywhere, what’s more this year is the year in which are coming back the days of home brew, DIY computer,  this time even in mobile filed, without Windows and without x86 cpus. On mobile field we mention these important projects:  Novena laptop , Pi-Top and even CaseTop of Livi Design .

Now we are ready to switch to gnu/linux powerpc notebooks, and really we want to join together passionate peoples that want to make happen a new open source powerpc notebook will be produced soon.

We are preparing a powerful, upgradable, powerpc gnu/linux notebook.

To start to join this “Open Source Linux PowerPc notebook” project please subscribe to the newsletter.

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4 thoughts on “PowerPC Notebook welcome back!

    • I have in mind to make a “crowdsource campaign” after this project will have around (I hope) a relatively small but vigorous community of enthusiasts.

  1. akismet-addd7517f8e71deb39329ac7a3e8f0d4

    I totally agree with you here. The G5 was never made to be hosted by a notebook in the first place. Steve Jobs made Apple do the same Intel move as he did with Next before that.

    I am so glad to see projects like that! I wish you all the best! 🙂

    I am a Mac fan since the 68k area but I am now so fed up with this obvious planned obsolescence based business model Apple has. Especially with iPhones.

    Well, I know what my next computer is going to look like! 🙂

    Thank you!

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