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  1. I still have my Amiga 500 (currently sitting in its original box in my closet). Hardware has become too homogeneous, which compromises the individual’s security and safety as much as the lack of choice in OS’s did pre-Linux. I’m currently using the first Mac I’ve ever owned, a refurbished 2009 Macbook. I’ve run only Linux since 1999. it would be nice to have a new Amiga to play with!

  2. Uso un PowerMac G4 con Debian Wheezy come mio PC principale ormai, e amo l’alternativita. Pensare che in giro ci siano più architetture CPU mi piace, e credo che il software ne possa solo giovare in quanto ad ottimizzazione perché deve essere fatto girare bene su più piattaforme. Amerei trovare un nuovo portatile con processore PowerPC, forza ragazzi credo in voi!

  3. I’m here because I wanna see a Notebook running an AMIGAoid operating system like Amiga OS 4.1 Final Edition, Morph OS; AROS, Amibian, Amiberry, Happiga, Aeros, Aspire OS, Icaros Desktop Live!, AROS Vision, Aros Broadway, Aeros, IndieGo! OS – in fact anything that feels like Amiga. I just made the terrible mistake to “update” my perfectly running Win 7 Notebook to Win 10 – It’s the greatest malware I’ve ever seen! So I remember the good old days and wanna try to upgrade my ancient Amigas + Commodores bit by bit as finances allow (I still have my C64, C128D, A500, A600; CD32 + A1200ti (A1200 migrated to Micronik Infinitive Tower). I also own an IndieGo! Console.

    Currently I use a Win 10 Notebook hooked to an 8-bay Sharkoon NAS (4x4TB installed until now). I wanted to revert back to Win 7 but MS told me I’m a few hours over the 10day deadline so they hold me hostage. I’m looking into options to install an AMIGAoid OS right now. I tried it with VMware Player (virtual machine), Icaros Desktop Live! and Aspire OS (installation on usb stick) but s.th. always gets in the way… Amiga Forever 7+/Download Version (emulation) doesn’t work because there’s some problem with old AF installs. I might also buy some cool gadgets like the Mist Midi Pack and the ARMiga Full Edition.

  4. I hope this project becomes a reality, I own a custom x86 desktop rn, running Linux and windows, I would be willing to emulate a RISC system if possible (I don’t know if it is).

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