PowerPC Notebook Crowdfunding – electrical schematics

The Power Progress Community ( the non profit organization that we have founded in July 2016) will launch a crowdfunding campaign to finance the analysis of the system architecture, components selection and electrical schematics for the PowerPC Notebook.

76477 Demo Circuit-C

The decision has been taken after a voting process, inside our core team, celebrated the third week of March. The majority of the members voted to go ahead with the crowd funding as soon as possible.

This phase will be only the first step to achieve the whole design as the progress of selecting all the required components where taking too much time and energy from the project volunteers. If the funding objective is reached, this task will be done by ACube Systems in a timed boxed period.
Further details about this campaign will be published soon.

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5 thoughts on “PowerPC Notebook Crowdfunding – electrical schematics

  1. Jessica Fa Metadata

    so they are just doing the fundraising right now for the board desgins right? Do we know what type of CPU it will be yet. PowerPC, PowerPC64 Be, PowerPC64 el, POWER? Also will it let us know of the parts. Also what distro will you fork as there is no linux distros left that support PowerPC and the ones who do will not run on this device

    • The e6500 core is a 64 bit PowerPC core and uses a mainly big endian design, so PPC64 is the targeted architecture, which is still supported by several Linux distros.

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