The Power Progress Community is here

We are proud to announce that our association has been constituted. As you might know, it is an Italian organization so the original statutes are written in Italian and we are working to have an English translation. The contents of that document were discussed at the beginning of July, the conversations were very productive and after some modifications we had the statutes ready for the creation of the association. Moreover,  in that meeting we approved its name and now we are setting up a new Internet domain according to that. After agreeing all this, the association was finally registered at the end of July.

Power Progress Community

Power Progress Community

This fact is very important for us because it allows us to contact other organizations and companies as a real entity and gives us the possibility of signing agreements of any type. Even more, the association is the legal figure we need to start the funding campaign.

And now… we need a logo

We are organizing a contest during August to select the Power Progress Community logo. Everybody is invited to send us an image but we are deciding how to receive them and the voting application to use. Stay tuned to this website if you are interested on participating.

More activities of interest

Continuing with this update, we were doing a survey to check how the community wants to support the project. Over 150 people filled our survey and most of them show interest in funding the project somehow. In addition, there is a group of people which will contribute only if the final specs of the notebook match their expectations. Lastly, a very small group showed only curiosity with no intention of collaborating with money.

Some weeks ago we wrote a post explaining our first Hardware Group meeting. The good news here is that this group is being very active these days and we arranged a new meeting last week focusing on what components could be more open and accomplish our requirements. In relation to this, we are maintaining conversations with two companies that could provide us the enclosures. This is a key point because determines how the motherboard is designed.

That’s almost all, we are moving forward and the crowdfunding campaign is near.

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5 thoughts on “The Power Progress Community is here

  1. Gonna participate the funding program for sure once it’s open. And please accept UnionPay transaction then, since I don’t have a international credit card. How I am looking forward to buying such a laptop that’s going to meet FSF’s standard!

    • Hi Wang, we will check UnionPay transation in relation to the crowdfundig tools we will use. We will try to do our best effort to go toward the FSF standard, in fact there is no GNU/Linux FSF certified that run on PowerPC architecture…

      • Hello Roberto, it’s been some time and is the crowd funding tool compatible with UnionPay? And, actually I’m a software engineering graduate now working on Android driver development. The pitfall is that I have no experience on how to assemble parts of a computing device to make it work as whole. So even though I’m interested in this project as an individual, I don’t know what I can do to contribute to it besides put some money in it during the funding program, especially while it’s still in board design phrase. Are there any leads for me? (P.S. what about the performance of T2080 compared to Intel cpu? Sorry for bringing it up, but intel is just too wide spreading).

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