Let’s Spread GNU/Linux PowerPC Notebook Project

Saturday 14th March I have presented to everybody our GNU/Linux PowerPC notebook project at “Fa’ la cosa giusta!” – The national fair of conscious consumption and sustainable lifestyles (Italy) 12th edition, Milan, 13-14-15 March 2015 – more info about “Fa’ la cosa giusta!”

Fa' La Cosa Giusta - GNU/Linux PowerPC Notebook presentation

“Fa’ La Cosa Giusta!” The national fair of conscious consumption – Stand “Informatica Solidale”

I was there trying to recruit volunteers for the PowerPC Notebook project; inform the wider Computer and FOSS community about the projects existence.

When I was arrived at our little stand there was people in the morning that already have searched me about our project ( I have informed some others “solidarity based purchasing group” about that and even thanks to my blog deliriotecnologico ). There was already one person that waiting me at the stand.

I have stopped many people walking around the fair of conscious consumption asking them: “Do you use free sotware?Do you Linux? Do you use Ubuntu?” if they answer me that that use or want to use it I have started talking about our project.

I have invited  people to subscribe to our newsletter and collaborate with us, I have found many interested people, and eleven of them have signed directly the subscription to our project.  Over that with the friends of “Joomla Lombardia” and “Informatica Solidale” association we are agreed to continue to collaborate together in relation to  spread our project. I’m very happy and grateful about the people feedback, interest and collaboration,  and I know if I had been more days at the fair definitely other people that just added to the project, so there are many more people interest than our possibility to arrive to them 😀

In the fair there was even a space of Green Makers with many fablabs and tech projects, I have talked with some makers to present our projects inside fablabs or other tech space, and with some of them we are agree to present soon our “GNU/Linux PowerPC Notebook project” and its technological solidarity based purchasing group.

I propose to organize everywhere initiatives to publicize the project that we are building a solidarity based purchasing group to pay an innovative manufacturer and designer (through some commission) to build a GNU/Linux PowerPC notebook, so let’s Spread GNU/Linux PowerPC Notebook Project.

I thanks already many of you that already have talked about our project around like Peter Czanik that have talked with many people about this project at FOSDEM 2015 as he wrote on the forum and even at DevConf.cz  or other that have talked in their blogs and thanks to them that many of you have found our project.

We have opened a new board, Public physical Presentation , on the forum where everyone can share information about events where the GNU/Linux PowerPC Notebook project makes an appearance or is mentioned.

Our GNU/Linux PowerPC Notebook Mascot running Ubuntu Cola

Our GNU/Linux PowerPC Notebook Mascot running “Ubuntu Cola”

I have make a picture of the Notebook built with Lego bricks (built by my son), that was a Mascot that I have in my hands to encourage kids to help their parents to listen to me 😀 In the fair there was the fair trade “Ubuntu Cola” that run perfectly with the Mascot 😀

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  1. I have bult two ppc machines this year! a Ibook g4 and a power book g4 this year this yeae with ubuntu 12.04 this year and installed midori browser on the latter the allows me to watch YouTube my machines work very well

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